Strike Anywhere live @1210

Here are some pictures I took on the Strike Anywhere show on August, 23rd, supported by the Swedish Misconduct.

I have not edited the pictures yet, as I am not able to do it now without equipment, so basically these pics are all out-of-the-box. But then again I saw the photoshopped and über-designed high fashion Misconduct tour poster pictures and guess that is not the direction I intend editing them. I might as well leave them as they are right now.

As far as I remember correctly, Misconduct used to play in a NYHC-vein, nowadays they seem to be able to play every style of punk/hc very well expect their own. They are good musicians, very polite and according to female judgement also handsome but they really played the worst Minor Threat cover (filler) I ever heard. Despite that their fans surely had their fair share of fun and that is all that matters.
What to say about Strike Anywhere? I cant find the big college words now to describe their set. Lets just say they played to peoples expectations: it was a very good show, I was glad to see them play again and it surely was not the worst idea to watch those fine Richmond guys rock on a Monday night!

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