Reunions are not meant to be. Reunion are a waste of time, energy and high hopes usually condemned to vanish. Reunions are not real. Reunions are…well…

I was about to write about how stupid they are and that you need to be a nostalgic idiot to find anything important to some 30something trying to face up with their glorious juvenile past.

I guess I was really going to write that because of what I had anticipated the Unbroken show to be like. Besides, what do you expect from a band, a genre of music that disappeared somewhat like almost 15 years ago? Did you really think they could change your life?

We tend to glorify the past, to make things appear bigger & larger than they really were. We sometimes use a thousand colors to cover the grey.
That said, Unbroken still used to be a great band. I liked them a lot. I know people who loved them so much they got ink in their arms to prove it. Furthermore, I know that even though Unbroken are no longer there, they will not cease once again to exist after this show as the powerful physical representation of a band they were.

This past Saturday, they had the power to reunite 4 people in the least appropriate moment imaginable. They had this power before even playing a single tune. That alone is a big accomplishment. That they played a tremendously tight though short set, with only killers and no fillers as people like to say, is like a dream come true. That alone is so much more a band has ever done for me.

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