Vegan cake, an idiot & Blue Note (Swing Kids) Live @Orange House München

Vegan cake, an idiot & Blue Note (Swing Kids) Live @Orange House München 1

Here are some hard-to-swallow-facts about a memorable evening with our teenage-years heroes:

  • The Swing Kids played a blasting, terrific set in front of a lame audience of max. 80 people ( almost-legitimate excuse on my behalf: my toe is broken and I recently was extracted a molar tooth 🙂 ). I dont particularly like shows where people stand in the very first row, effortlessly being able to drink a beer and chat with their pals. By the way, I was the one in the first row.
  • I am either really getting old and nostalgic or some bands reunion shows are completely opposed to the usual “we need some money and never had a proper job so we play a lame rip-off of our glory days”-performances. Like with the Unbroken show in London last year, Swing Kids’ music sounded like they had been trapped inside a hermetically sealed time-capsule for the last 15 years or so and had been released just the day before the show in order to deliver their timeless sound. Guys, you have been so much ahead of your time that you still sound fresh and vibrant today! Congrats!


  • Vegan cake can be, contrary to commonly accepted opinion, extremely delicious, especially if it is for free!
  • A metalcore-type, lets quite descriptively label him idiot (no offense intended), was collectively kicked out of the show after starting a more than disconcerting verbal fight with Swing Kids’ vocalist Justin Pearson.
  • French-two-men-support band WarsawWasRaw drove fourteen hours in order to play a what felt like 40 songs in 14 minutes set, not sure but definately not 14 songs in 40 minutes. Those dudes are extremely appreciative and enthusiastic. They uncontestedly receive my “we-like-every-person-on-this-planet”-award.
  • Talking about we like the world: Oslo-based band Wolves Like Us played the evening a fundamentalist idiot I am not going to mention his name tried to set fire to our principles of tolerance and democracy. Thanks a lot for your excellent set, we would surely have respected your decision not to play on this tragic evening.

Blue Note/Swing Kids live (Wiesbaden)


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